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Please for the love of sweet sweet cinamon NOT AGAIN. No more about worlds. It was 3 count 1,2,3 treize trois III THREE years ago. You left the toilet seat up within that time, but nobody cares so why do we keep bringing up one sour event.

Also have you used anything other than a brain? Probably not, because if you did you would know that your comment is REDONCULOUS yo. Also just for the record (oh I’m gonna get it for this) My YYF throws fall apart like cheap pieces of sausage more often than my Yomegas. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Smoove rocks andPGM = Fall apart. There I said it.

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you really need to take more time in the filming of this video. btw, my post is not to bash you but to help you, or anyone in general. you did many things right, but a few key ideas were left out. respect advice.

  1. smooth out your style. a lot of your tricks were pretty choppy. it looks like you started yoyoing and started on an unresponsive yoyo about 2 months in. practice the trick you know over to get them more consistantly. it will get smoother and look better. it also helps to practice those on a responsive yoyo. learn a trick on an unresponsive yoyo, then progress to responsive and smooth it out.

  2. Editing: You have the power to edit out mistakes. do so. no one wants to watch a miss. failures are only funny when people get hurt (don’t hurt yourself for the love of god) or things break. the one part was funny, but include it in the end. blooper reels.

  3. Variation: watching the same or similar tricks and moves over and over in one video gets a little boring. try to include a wide range of tricks and styles from slacks to whips to complex to the simple to a picture trick and so forth. almost all i saw was somewhat complex trick, then whip, then repeat. this also goes for camera angles and scenery. change up locations, camera angles, and even speeds. most editing softwear has some slowmotion effect. don’t over use it though. and again, no one wants to see the same room over and over and over again. even if you just move to the other side of the camera, it still looks different in the video.

  4. music: choose something that goes with your style. you didn’t do too badly in this, but it still seemed bland. try to do a certain trick durring a drum fill or something (which you did at one point, but it looked like you messed up). also, don’t just drop the music partway through the video and have about 10 seconds of nothing. also, dont just finish the video by cutting the song at an awkward point. cut it well. or fade out. or something.

  5. don’t over use effects. it is better to have no effects than too many. don’t give the audience a headache.

  6. easily the most important. have fun. it really shows. really good videos seemed like they were a lot of fun to make. what i do is invite my friend who is good at editing and filming and it is way more fun than standing in front of a tripod.

and 7. try not to rush a video. if it doesn’t feel done, take another day. unless it is a video contest entry, videos have no deadline. again, rushed videos don’t look good.

you did pretty well, and this advice is meant for everyone. you can check out my videos at youtube.com/user/lookayoyo. i do not think i am the perfect model, nor am i even very good, but i do a few things right over all 3 of my videos. if you want more advice, or help explaining one thing you didn’t understand, PM me. i am happy to help.

BTW, Yomega is pretty good. and better to make a decent video than to make a bad video, or to not make a video at all. it takes guts to do, and you have potential.

and i like your hat

dont take this personally. i have just seen a few really bad videos and then i saw this and then a few really bad ones. watching it after i am calm, it is pretty good. but still, i believe that that was a decent collection of tips/ guidlines and use them wisely.

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looks good how long have you been yoyoing ???