Short video I made for class


Focused more on editing than tricks, but I still think it turned out pretty good. What do you guys think?


Good stuff! The editing might be the highlight of the video, but I liked the tricks, too. :wink:

(Owen) #3

Really well edited, I actually prefer videos that focus more on editing instead of the tricks. I honestly just wish it was longer so there wouldve been more stuff to enjoy :wink:


Beautifully filmed mate! Makes me want a Summit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice!


Nice tricks. That Summit looks Sick!


Not only the editing, but the Quality was nice! :slight_smile:


The Summit is an absolutely wonderful yoyo. Haven’t been able to put it down since I got it!

(Alex Fairhurst) #9

You have a nice style. And I enjoyed the framing a lot. Wish I had editing skills like that.