Phoenix- My Best video ever.

Hey guys!
This, is What I believe to be my best video ever.
And my most Diverse video ever. I really hope you like this!
I worked pretty hard on it!
Please. Criticize me. Be as brutal as you have to. I want your opinions.

-Wilson AKA Mr.Hyde

Overall, great video. Your diabolo skills are freaking insane, your 1D tricks are amazing. And as for the yoyoing, I really enjoyed watching your 1A - lots of good tricks.

The yoyoing was top-notch, but the video needed some improvement. When you took off your jacket, the tricks were against your white shirt, it was really tough to see the string. Also, there was enough content to fill 2 or 3 videos. You should’ve split it into more videos. A lot of times yoyoers don’t have enough attention to finish the whole video (trust me, I’ve heard this before on multiple occasions).

But other than some of those minor flaws, really awesome job.

P.S. I’m seeing Fall Out Boy tonight and found it funny/coincidental how you used that song in your video.

Best regards,

This coming from you… That makes me so insanely proud.
I’m glad you enjoyed this! and I hope you enjoy that Concert man!

And I guess, I’ll try and do some splitting next time!

That was great! Makes me want to start Diabolo!

Fantastic man! I really loved it. I have to say it seemed a tad too long for my liking, but I watched it all the way through and I loved your picture tricks most of all, everything was great! :slight_smile:

Woooo! Thanks you guys!

Duskeye- DO IT

Mrtheblackho- My picture tricks are darn fun! its great to do a tech trick, and just stop to pull strings and be like WOAH a Tower!

You’ve developed some great talent and style. I’m not sure the music went well with your… laundry basket though. Get outside.

Yes, a bit too long and it would be nice to see a few different locations… either outside or “inside” somewhere more interesting. Different camera angles would be good, too.

But that’s all about the filmmaking. The tricks themselves were great!

Haha, my issue with outside, is I don’t have. Tripod. I use my desk and a bunch of small boxes to keep my camera up!

I can’t afford a tripod currently. I plan on getting outside whenever I can can splurge on a Tripod.
I think my best solution. Get a big black curtain for my background. Then film :wink:

You can prop the camera up outside…prop it on a small wall, on a bench, on a picnic table, maybe on a rock? Try new things :slight_smile: I agree, your location does get boring after a while…

Welp. I’ll find some ductape. and tape it on this basketball hoop no one in my family has ever touched, since we got it…


Best… vid… EVA! No seriously. You are my oficial 1a fav player. Love your style! use your gopro outside! The one you used in the electric blognia tut.

I only use the GoPro to film, haha :slight_smile:

And thankyou! That’s a HUGE compliment… <3

Hopefully I have time to bust out a new video today c:

I think it could use a little more editing.

… … O… M … G… The best…

Yes, It really could. My New video is Uploading right now. It’s a semi tester video.
and some Even Better tricks :slight_smile:

Awhh Thankyou <3

The film making was average (so like 5x better than what i can do), the 1a was good, the 3a was good, the 5a was good, but DIABLOS OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD SO MUCH AWESOME!

haha! Thanks! :slight_smile:
and it’s DiabOlo.

New video Up!