Shutter vs Flipside vs N12

Think of getting a new throw. I have a n12 but it’s kinda beat. I know I like it.

My questions are mostly about the a Duncan Flipside and Shutter.

Information about feel, quality, and any other opinions are greatly appreciated!

The “Flipside” is better,. BUT it is made from a plastic material that you would want to melt into slag after playing with a “Shutter” The N12 should be undersized which is fine for a pocket through from what I understand it’s a bootleg that is mildly over-priced considering what you are actually getting. I haven’t played with any of these yo-yos yet I sympathize w/ you seeing that the Yoyo Expert Edition “Shutter” sold-out. (which would have made these choices easier indubitably.)

Um you’ve never played, seen, or even done research on the N12. It’s a full sized model. Not a bootleg. Has a great grind finish. And is quite possibly the best yoyo money can buy for $30. I know this cuz I own one. Thinking about buying another. However, the shutter (blasted) and Flipside have recently caught my attention.

I hope that the remainder of the post in this thread stay positive and give real insight on the play of the yoyos being considered. No ill advised rumors.

He’s right on this one.

Try to have real information if you’re really trying to help.

Anyways, I’d take a shutter over the flipside, but the flipside does look like a fun plastic to give a try.

I got my n12 for $20, it’s actually one of my top throws, I would recommend it to anyone

I really enjoy the shape and profile of the shutter over the N12 myself. Find the flipside neat and didn’t mind throwing it but it’s not that amazing of a throw. I’d personally try to find out the release date for the Too Hot since it’s set to be $45 as well though.

The too hot looks nice. Is the switch action of the bearing in the Flipside really worth it?

I would definitely go for a Shutter instead of a Flipside. The Flipside plays alright, but the Shutter is great! Although the too hot might be better for $5 more I believe.

I’ve thrown all of the above (Except for the TooHot, I’ve only thrown a HOT).