Shutter, n12, and equilteral

Which is better?
In means of:
Spin time
Performance based on price

Blasted shutter will be better for grinds but both are epic.
1a/5a they are both really good. Spin time is honestly about the same. Shutter wins the performance/value hands down.

Shutter is better for all of them.

No love for the N12 vs. the Shutter? That surprises me.

The Shutter is great, but if you’re big on grinds forget about it. The lip on the inside is barely big enough for my fat thumb, and the polished finish just doesn’t allow the throw to grind very well at times. It’s still a really great throw though, I’d suggest it to anyone.

Spin times? Depends your throw. All three are great. The Shutter can benefit greatly with a better bearing. The N12 bearing may or may not need cleaning or replacing. The Equilateral is fine right out of the box.

Grinds? N12. The smoother surface of the Shutter and Equilateral make grinds bad. The Shutter is good on finger spins due to where they put some decoration.
1A/5A: N12 has a better shape for both. Shutter ain’t bad. Equilateral seems soley 1A oriented.
Performance based on price? OMG, the N12 so smokes this that it’s not even an item for debat. I think the Equilateral is the best yoyo of the bunch, but that’s just my preferences. The Shutter is very impressive.

Overall? Honestly, I feel the Equilateral is the best YYF I own. I do enjoy it more than the Shutter and the N12, but that’s my preferences.