Shutter or Benchmark?

I have a couple questions. I’m looking
To get a decent metal throw for not too much money. I’ve read that some the silver shutters come with center track bearings. Is that true for all silver shutters or just some? And on the benchmark (I’ve been eyeing the H shape), is it really worth $15 more than the shutter?


The silver shutter is the competition edition. Beadblasted, red pads and centertrack. Only problem is that even though the red pads perform the best they wear out extremely quickly so expect to replace them. Really with the benchmark you’re paying the extra money for the side effects which if you ever strip the yoyo for $10 you can fix it without any problems. Might also want to wait for the too hot but right now the shutter is my favorite budget metal on the market

I LOVE my shutter, and the new silver one is sooo much better than the old one. Benchmarks are cool but the shutter is top notch

The Shutter looks like a very capable yo-yo but I would have to throw my money towards the Benchmark H and the Benchmarks in general. You are getting a US made product for $60. While some may say the $15 difference is BECAUSE it was made in the US instead of overseas that isn’t the case. The $15 premium is because it is a Side Effect enabled yo-yo that ships with a 10-Ball bearing and not a value bearing. I have played my Benchmarks stock with the AL spikes and they play great, AL Ultra Lights make the Benchmarks zippy as heck and brass Ultra Lights chill the Benchmarks out for some relaxing play. I will gladly pay a little extra if it allows me to dial in the play for my particular mood at the time. The best part is that if I tire of the shape I can go get one of the others in the Benchmark series and it will use all my Side Effects and allow me to dial in the feel on that one as well.

TL:DR Version - Benchmarks: More customizability, locally made to ultra high tolerances, higher grade bearing. Shutter: You need to love those specs because you can’t change them if you don’t. For my money I will gladly pay the extra $15.

You’d be safe with both, I think the benchmark h is a little more stable.

I’d pick the benchmark h personally but i’m sure you will like either.

Thanks guys! Since YYE is out of the specials shutters combined with the advice you’ve given me I went ahead and ordered a benchmark!

Which one did u get??

Great choice. A word of warning, this will be your “gateway drug” into other Benchmarks, Side Effects, and Side Effect enabled yo-yos. :slight_smile:

Enjoy it man. Let us know what you think when you get it.

The H!

Oh man. Hopefully this will hold me off for a while. Really not prepared to start dropping $$$$$.

I am betting those are the famous last words of every player on this forum. LOL

All joking aside, I am assuming you went for the Benchmark H. It is a great design and plays quite well. When I first got the Benchmark series the H was the one I was least interested in and in the end it is the one I throw the most. It has even surpassed the Benchmark V, which in my review I said was my daily carry. Funny thing though, you really cannot go wrong with any of them.

great choice! that’s the one i’d choose

Thank you for supporting us! Hope you enjoy it.

They were for me. :smiley:

Just wondering but do you actually use other side effects? I tend to avoid centerweight since it gives it a somewhat odd feel and tend to just go for ultra lights in everything

So my benchmark came in the mail today. Worth every penny I spent on it. Soooooo smoooooooth. I got the clear ano, so I’m thinking I might get another color spikes to make it pop a bit. Even with the polished silver ones this throw looks amazing. Can’t wait to get learning!

I do quite a bit actually. I use brass ultra lights in quite a few and have asked David when they are making more so I can pick a few sets for my benchmarks. I like AL spikes in my Summit and Anti-Yo Side Effects in my 54.