Shutter or a Rook?

What is more competition oriented? A Titanium Shutter or a Rook?

considering how many comps a shutter has won, Id say that. Normal one, not Ti. Ti just sounds awesome, its doenst play any better really.

I don’t know that it’s very competition oriented, but the Rook is my all time favorite.

How does it compare to the Titanium Shutter?

I don’t see why the Rook isn’t competition oriented.

^I wasn’t saying it’s not. I’m just oblivious to that sort of thing.

From YYE:

“Built for competition level performance, but designed with the recreational player in mind - The Rook has a super comfortable feel in the hand and on the string.”

I haven’t played the Ti Shutter, so I can’t compare. Spencer Davis was using Ti Dreams for his 3a at the GA state contest, and he told me the Rook plays just like the Ti Dream FWIW… Is the Ti Dream more or less competition oriented than the Shutter, assuming Spencer it right? I haven’t played that one either.

One thing I know for sure is that the Rook grinds better (OK, bit of an assumption based on finish). It’s awesome at grinds!

I probably should have stayed out of this tread, but I just love the Rook so much I couldn’t resist a plug.

rook because ring ding ding dinga ring dingding