Best mono metal competition yoyo?

Not taking titanium yoyos into consideration.

(And yes, i’m asking for your subjective preferences. Please no “there is no best yoyo”-speech :))

Kuntosh 5000qv

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How is it for off axis style of play?

How is the kaiser?

Horizon :triumph:

Why that emoji?

But for real…?

Oh gosh, here comes the shutter vs horizon arguments! Take cover! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I seriously can’t believe anyone would consider either of these the best mono metal yoyo out there today.
I mean, they’re both very good yoyos, especially for the price, but not that awsome really.

You asked…

Yeah the horizon is siq :fire:

The Horizon has most criteria people look for in a competition yoyo: light weight, plays fast, good at horizontal tricks, lots of rim weight. It’s also cheap enough to have multiple for on stage.

I’ve heard lots of good about the kenshin as well.

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As i said, it’s a good yoyo, but if you’ve ever played something like a Sleipnir (or anything else from YYR), Turning Point or a high end OD you’ll probably realise that the Horizon isn’t the top of the world.

This is going to sound really pathetic, but I was going to say sleipnir but I had no idea how to spell it so I just skipped out on it. :joy:

On a budget? Just go with the shutter. No budget? Try to find a Chief or a Scout.

It works pretty good. It doesn’t have a step but the string doesn’t touch the side much. I like it.


I’m going to put my vote in for the Sengoku Forge. I actually prefer it over the Sleipnir and Kenshin, which seem to be some of the ones that are getting the most attention for “best monometal”

IMO the accelerator is the best i have two​:joy::+1:

I’m with you brother…I feel the Forge is without a doubt - the best mono metal design to date. It’s a shame there weren’t more of them made.

I should probably add - i’m looking for something that’s readily available :slight_smile: