Shu takada

Has anyone else noticed in shu takada’s photo for the loop 1080 he has a huge bandage on his pointer finger

He does…

Why yes, yes he does.

what about it?

I was kind of thinking he ALMOSTCUT HIS FINGER OFF

And here I thought nobody could me more useless on this forum than I am.

Congrats, sir.

If you want a serious answer, some players put medical/surgical tape on their index fingers to prevent the irritation and friction of the string hitting the index finger. The string hits the index finger when you’re doing tricks like hop the fences/punching bag/vertical punches and the irritation gets annoying after a while.

It’s the same why 2A players wrap tape on their middle fingers.

He didn’t ask why. He pointed out that it exists.

I wonder why they took the picture with it on.

photo was taken at a contest, where he plays yoyo, which is when he tapes his fingers.

Ahhhhhh that makes sense.

Honestly though.

Who plays with yoyos at a yoyo contest?

Everyone! And people!

It is so big like a cast.


May I ask what picture?

Banner at the top of the screen when you click on the loop 1080.

If nothing else, this thread is making lots of people see the ad for the loop 1080.

O_o I see trying to sponsor the 1080 :wink:

How is this thread still alive?