Show your rare and unusual yoyos and colorways


It’d be cool if this became a picture heavy thread. I don’t have any super rare yoyos, but I do have some that aren’t engraved or that have an amazing/unusual/rare colorway. Got a yoyo you think is rare or unique? Let’s see it!

I’ll start with a Topdeck. There is only one other example like this in existence, as this was an experimental colorway.


very rare if you ask me

(InvaderDust) #3

Not AS rare as some around but it feels pretty sought after…

Rainbow Trout Scout


I would love to have that Rainbow Trout Scout!!! It’s awesome!


Same here. It’s gorgeous. I’m into fly fishing for rainbow trout. Wish I’d known about those.


There weren’t many Summits made with this colorway (Massdrop deal), and I managed to snag one before they went to engraving.


Unmarked OD Kuntosh.


OD Cabal (rare as of today!).


It is not a rare color but it is rare to have the yoyo photographed for the advertising campaign


SpaceBat M1


Unmarked Code 2.  This is a gorgeous YoYo, in my opinion.




I used to have a Purple Mountain Majesty a couple years ago. Sad that I got rid of that.


Old and knew.


Most of these are somewhat rare, a couple are definitely rare. I just like them, not really a collector I just like to play with cool yoyos.


Here are a couple. by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr


Always wanted an underdog, that’s sick.


These are probably the 3 rarest in my collection.


Btw is that a pure gold I see? So sexy


Yeshh. Had a gold one too but I lost it :grimacing:
Edit: read your comment wrong, that’s a vsop pure.

Your higby 888 is awesome.