Show your ink!

I know there’s a lot of pretty young throwers on here, but lots of us have reached the age of majority. So if you’ve got some ink, let’s see it.
I love to here stories about people’s tattoos, so include those too if you like.

The first one is for my kids and I. We did things on our own for quite a few years. My name, depending on if the source is Biblical or secular, means “shield” and “wolf”, or sometimes "wolf with a shield (Randy, btw). So I spent a long time and got this for us. We all have different eye colors, so that’s why the eyes are different. It’s ready for some touch-up work, but I love it. My kids are really my reason for living.

The second picture (which was incidentally my first tattoo) says “GENESIS”. The story is very personal to me. And depending on the reaction to this thread, I would love to share it with some other good, caring people. But I don’t like to explain myself to those who don’t care.

So let’s see them!

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Totally chuckled.

Darnit, I was gonna do that…