Show your best and favorite yoyos


My best is a g2 wolf and favs are Sherpa manatee and d10

(Rock Shouse) #2

My 2 new and favs at the moment

(Rock Shouse) #3

Oh sorry…that’s a corruption and a kraken


Shutter all day


I also love shutter but mine is broken at the moment


How is it broke?


Not spinning long responsive and I think got striped axel but I can fix it just have not at the moment other one is vibrating because the string snapped and it hit the fire place


This guy has been getting a ton of play lately.

({RTD} alecto) #9

The Pip has been in my pocket ever since it came in. It is my favorite and best design yet.


I’ve got a number of favorites, but these 4 are at the top along with a Tom Kuhn Clean Machine.


Where did you get the corruption in black? I don’t see it on yoyoexpert.