Show some wooden yoyos you've made

I found a good combination is several coats of Danish oil, allowed to dry naturally over a couple of days then sealed with five coats of a water-based quick-dry diamond finish varnish (matte, satin or gloss). Each coat is very lightly sanded with 400grit paper.

The oil teases out the beauty in the wood and the varnish seals it and gives a really hard finish that isn’t sticky.

I wanted a ‘coffee n cream’ appearance for my plywood Apollo tribute and this combination provided exactly that.


I was talking about walnut oil

I’m aware. My reply was meant for a contextual point of reference for others in case they are reading through the threads and wanting to know more about these oils and finishes everyone is talking about.


Christmas gave me a excuse to go spend money at the woodworking supply store. From top Bolivian rose wood, bocote and curly bubinga with walnut for axles.



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I started the next batch. I’m making one for a Christmas present so I figured I might as well make some more. This time I want to do cash or trade in case someone doesn’t have anything they want to trade. What do you think would be a fair price to put on my yo-yos?


That depends on your materials cost and how much you value your time. If you’re asking how much I would pay, the answer is $45 - $60 depending on the yoyo.


Agreed. 45-60, plus 5 for shipping.

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