Show some plastic yoyos you made

This is giving me Luncha Libre vibes, but in a good way!

Looks good man!

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Thought I would share my SLA 3d printed designs from this weekend. Still working out how to get good print quality


I love all these throws that are being made! Was it easy for y’all to jump into making your own plastics? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but haven’t worked up the guts to do it.


I’ve only been printing yoyos since this weekend and started designing in late September, but for me the hard part was realizing how much I wanted to make yoyos and believing that I could make it happen.
CAD is free and you can always use a service like shapeways to get your design printed. I did that for my first one and it was under $50
My 3d printer was around $190 which was fairly reasonable considering that I now have a machine that makes yoyos.
Living 16yo me’s dreams :sweat_smile:


what a fascinating design, me likey.

55mmx31mm 66g
21.5mm pads cause why not. Binds feel great
I’m having problems with the inside is parts printing poorly so the cap/ring/body fit is pretty bad. I can get that figured out


If I could get access to those cad files that’d be amazing!

Hoping to add some pics to this thread soon! Just ordered some raw material with the goal of making some counterweights, hubstacks, and create bodies from scratch to fit old Yoyojam rims. Gonna be trying to make the X-Convict, Dark Magic 2, New Breed, and Hitman bodies for the rims.