Acetal Homopolymer or Copolymer?

I want to make a acetal (Delrin) yoyo and I don’t know if I need the Homopolymer or copolymer.

Any insights?

it makes absolutely no difference for our purposes… any generic acetal will work fine.


What you’re trying to say is that you want to make an POM (Polyoxymethylene) yoyo. POM, also known as Acetal is the generic name for a series of really similar plastic polymers. Slight differences occur from different manufacturers, making them able to sell their products under their own brand names.
Delrin, for instance, is DuPont’s brand name for the polymer. Then there’s Celcon, which is (basicly) the same polymer from H+H. And there’s Duracon, Hostaform and so on.

As far as Delrin goes, that’s a copolymer variant of POM.

Anyways, for your use, you could really choose whatever variation of POM there is. Doesn’t make any difference in your case :slight_smile:

EDIT: kyo beat me to it

Awesome. I will get the cheap stuff from amazon. The Homopolymer was almost double to cost of copolymer.

I am making a delrin body with wooden fixed axle.

Also Kyo you inspired this project. Been throwing this guy a lot lately.

Mischief is afoot. :slight_smile: