Show off your summits thread!

OMG I think I am going to fall down… You got one!!! hehe Sweeeeeet

Newest, orange with black spike and Hulk with Purple bling!

Awesome pics!

Mine’s been getting well broken in!

your killing me!!!


^those gigantes colors are too cool. (iwantthatiwanttwhatiwantthat…)

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a pic from awhile ago:

Thanks, Nice photo of your Dragon Slyaer I missed out on that one. it sold out fast!

PM me if you are interested in one of Giants Summit, they are MIB I just got the second one yesterday in the mail to make the combination.

I had a hard time deciding between the Nickle Plated version, & the YoYoExpert Special Edition.

While I’m glad that I decided on the Nickle Plated version, after looking at TotalArtist’s YoYoExpert Summit pictures, I must admit that I may have to re-consider !! :wink:
Those turned out beautifully. :o

However, Chris did a beautiful job with the Nickle as well. It’s one of the most beautiful Nickle Plated YoYo’s I have ever seen.

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Sorry for the mild necro, but this is a new pic of my Summit. Last night was a full moon and my brother and I went hiking up on the Continental Divide in Colorado from about 11 PM to 1:30 AM. It was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, the moonlight permitted us to see everything almost like it was day light. My bro is a professional photographer with a BA degree real cameras and skills while I just like to take pics for fun. ANYWAY, he somehow forgot all of his legit gear at home and all we had was my Sony DSC-HX7V point and shoot but we upped the ISO to 1200 and changed the exposure to 25 seconds and pulled off some amazing full moon photography with the little camera. This is my favorite shot of my Summit that I took last night. Taken at 1:00 AM…soooo many stars.


I’ve never seen it before. I just went from almost no interest in a Summit to needing one. That one.


Great shot! I’ll be posting some pics once I get my summit.

Walking Dead.

Heres mine!

Forgot to put this here…

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Nice and shiny.

To bad there is something called Tarnish :(…


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That nickel looks amazing