Show off your hubstacked yoyos!

Yes, that’s right, exactly what the title says. You can read right? Oh what am I thinking, you’re reading this right now! Well, lets get to the point. Any “hubstacked” yoyos basically. YYF hubstacks, z-stacks, ricestacks, synergy caps, basically anything you hold while the yoyos spinning that’s not matador spikes or similar. I guess that yoyomiracle kuyostar with the spinning middle would count as well.

Top row: 08/08/08, raven 888, B-grade allyoyo 888
Next row: Mutant DNA, Mutant DNA, Mutant DNA
Next row: G5, G5
Last Row: US nats Grind Machine 2

Pictures not working. I think you forgot the [/img] code at the end. :slight_smile:

Lol I hit quote instead of modify on accident, disregard this post.

DNA, Skyline
FHZ, SB 888