List of yo-yos with "hubstacks"

It’s common knowledge I love hubstacks, I don’t know why I’ve just felt a great affinity for them since YYF first introduced them - I’m always on the lookout for 'stacked yo-yos I haven’t tried, and yesterday got a Werrd 4XL that I love and it got me thinking about what other hubstacked yo-yos are out there that I’ve missed.  Let’s see if we can put together a comprehensive list, ignoring the current influx of cheap unlicensed Chinese stuff on eBay.  Here’s what I can think of, I’m sure I’m missing a lot


  • G5/G5+/G5++/G.5
  • 888/888.11/888x
  • Genesis
  • Catalyst
  • Hubstack/Hubstack Afterglow
  • Plastic Grind Machine
  • Big Deal
  • DNA/Mutant DNA
  • SuperStar
  • Skyline
  • 44 Special
  • BK2 Lite/SuperLite
  • Grind Machine 2/Grind Mutant 2
  • California/VK California


  • T9
  • N9
  • K1
  • K3
  • K6
  • K9/D8


  • 4XL/4XL Groove
  • Pacqiuao
  • Split Decision


  • Magnetude
  • Momentum

One Drop

  • Rotating Side Members


  • Synergy Caps

MadHouse Yo-Yos

  • Epic


  • MiRoC


  • Titania


  • Luminous
  • Super Photon
  • Dream Fairy
  • The Soldiers
  • Star Fox
  • Virus

Takuto Design

  • L2


  • StarFire


  • Bad Rep


  • Cross


  • Viper Flux


  • The Card

Grind Machine 2 (the metal one)

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Here’s a few more:
OG budha king G5
OG California(It’s like a C-bearing 401k with stacks)
OG VK California(Literally the same thing as above just in small bearing)
Grind Mutant 2
Mutant DNA

The Onedrop projects(1, MM,2) can also be stacked with a FHZ Hubstack Kit or possibly yyf pgm posts because of their unique hex nut set up.

YYF G5+ and YYF G5++

Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got one pick me!

MadHouse Yoyos EPIC - Probably one of the lesser known ones.


Dif-E-Yo Spike Fly and Gladiator (they were custom mods and not production yoyos, but since they were an early example available from a notable manufacturer, they might still belong on the list)

Doble Titania (no bearings, but it had free-spinning caps on the side you could grab like hubstacks)

Got another one! The Takuto.Design L2 - I think there’s only 86 in existence(possibly less if some have disappeared.)

Edit: Found more
Auldey Luminous
Auldey Super Photon (I think it has hubstacks, not 100% sure?)
Auldey Dream Fairy
Auldey The Soldiers
Auldey Star Fox
Possibly some more Auldey yoyo

Timcor Starfire

YoYoEmpire Cross - best stacked YoYo in my collection

8.9 YoYo General - stacked yoyo

Henrys Viper Flux - weird shaft through axle hubstack System. Totally nuts and useless , yet charming oversized rubberhub Yoyo. hard to compare to modern 1A yoyos

MagicYoYo K6 (Bronze Saint)
MagicYoYo T9 (Dark Angel)

These are my only 2 stacked metals, should get a YYF stacked throw just to see how they compare…

RecRev Bad rep / bad rep light?

Magicyoyo D8

lol that’s the best name ever for RecRev.

The AnY Miroc is what started it really, it’s the yoyo YYF stole the idea from


List updated, definitely some ones I’d never heard of so thanks guys I have a lot to look out for now!

Auldey - Virus

Timcor - Starfire ;D

S. Kon - The Card

Yeah ok I’m going to need one of those stat!

I wish you all the luck in the world finding one of those. > . <