Show off your gross fat yoyo finger!

If you throw as much as I do, you will have noticed that your throw hand middle finger is fatter and much uglier.

Brandish it with pride!!

Here is mine:

I do not mean to be rude but the image might offend some people. I personally do not care. By the way both my middle fingers are pretty ugly and no I do not play AA or AAA.

The only time my finger has ever looked like that is when I was younger and used the same cotton string for long periods of time…, do you do that? Do you use the same string for a long time and let it get dirty?

Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone!

I think it’s pretty normal for the fingers on your dominant hand (and especially the thumb) to be bigger than the other. You probably just never bothered to compare them before yoyoing turned the one into a gnarled old pirate finger.

My yoyo love marks have almost completely faded as my daily playtimes have diminished to saner levels, but for a while they were pretty hideous.

Speaking of offending (didn’t bother me despite the significance of us showing “The Finger”), anyone remember the old Duncan commercial that involved giving the finger? I actually won’t post the video here even though it’s a yoyo commercial, but it is readily available on Youtube and is loaded with moments of the 1 finger salute :slight_smile:


Well Lol to you too!

It actually only got fatter with yoyoing. My fingers used to be the same thickness.