Finger injury

Hello everyone, I just began my yoyoing career and its been a few months and i got good at it pretty fast (although i stil need to make all my tricks look cleaner) but I’ve had this problem and want to see if anyone else out there has had the same issue. After throwing many breakaways i began to notice that my middle finger is noticeably bent to the left around the first knuckle and would like to know if anyone has a solution to why that is. Maybe I’m just throwing it wrong or too hard. Any techniques or suggestios on how you guys throw would help. Thank you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to see a Doctor about that. That is far from normal.

Take your Yoyo and show him exactly what you are doing to get your finger out of alignment.

He will probably suggest exercises to strengthen your fingers/hands…

Understand that if you continue to distort your finger alignment that you may cause a Chronic condition.

And chronic means 'pretty much not reversible.

And just by chance if you are a musician, certain instruments are much more challenging if you have a 'funny finger.

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The only ‘normal’ finger injury from throwing a yo-yo is maybe some redness/developing a callus from the string. If your finger is actually bending a weird way then go see a doctor.

here is how my finger looks.

Is that normal for you? If not, get it checked out.

Woooooaaaahhh, that’s definitely not normal. Was it like that before you started throwing? To echo almost everyone else, you should probably see a doctor about it.

yeah I’m not sure what happened, one day my parents just told me what happened to my finger and that’s when I realized it was like this. I felt no pain or limited mobility before or after i noticed, i can move it just fine and doesn’t feel dislocated unlike my pinky finger which is also bent but that one was actually dislocated. So yeah I’ll probably tell my doctor about in my upcoming appointment.

Most of my fingers are misaglined in some way, but it’s due to playing tennis, not yoyoing.
Maybe it’s not an issue even if it’s not “normal”.

I hope. I haven’t had an issue so far with my misaligned finger. I think i figured what might have caused it and it might have been the way how i throw my breakaway were i put much force on the throw and it rolled off my middle finger having an extra roll on ky finger aside from the slipknot that pulled my finger to the side possibly causing the misalignment.

I’m not visualizing your explanation of how your breakaway throw would be pulling your finger sideways in such a way that it would cause a misalignment as shown in the photo. I will say this, if your method of throwing a breakaway is pulling your finger to the side with a force strong enough to misalign your finger like this you need to seriously re-evaluate your technique. I just cannot imagine yoyoing doing this. Consideration of this being attributed to another activity or injury might be in order. Whatever the cause, I would earnestly recommend consultation with a doctor. This could be an indication of something worthy of a more comprehensive examination.

my parents are the ones who suggested that yoyoing might have been the cause but i am not so sure. I also did change my technique when throwing so that my finger is not being pulled with too much forcebas well as throwing with less force as I have gotten tendonitis as well.

It might be genetic only less pronounced in others in your family. Check your parents and grandparents if possible. Spread the fingers out and see if any of them bend one way or the other. It may not be the same finger, could be pinkies or ring fingers or any others.
If there is no pain, and no mobility limitations, i would not worry. Mine are a little wonky but thats cause ive broken my middle finger several times.

Are you sure it hasnt always been that way? It could be your body adjusting, tennis players, pianitsts, guitar players all report similar.

Im no doctor and i would have someone in the medical profession take a look, but for some reason, i would not be too concerned (which is to say there is a level of concern!) unless it starts to become a problem. Pain is the first thing to not ignore.

also Relax during play. It should not hurt and if it does something needs to change.

yeah I don’t think it’s genetic, although I definitely think it might have been a one time injury when I was yoyoing. I don’t have any pain at all before or after i found my finger bent, i do have my pinky bent sideways as well but that was a sport’s injury. I donhave an upcoming doctor’s appointment so ill definitely be bringing this up. Thanks for the input

I broke my middle finger in a dirtbike accident 30yrs ago and it healed crooked and is always being pulled.They wanted it to heal and see what it looked like before surgery.So I never got it fixed.
I would see a Dr.Mine effects my grip on everything,bikes,dirtbikes,turning a screw driver is the worst.
You dont want to be maimed if your active or use your hand.
Luckily its not my fretting hand or I couldnt play guitar.

Wouldn’t a person ‘not want to be maimed’ regardless of whether they are active or use their hand?

Interestingly; the only people that don’t use their hands are Dead people🤔

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I’m tired.