Show off your General-Yo YoYos!

abby has a B-grade torrent 2 abby likes this yoyo too much.

I did those messing around with photo effects. I only own a blue one, but turned it different colors using effects. They turned out neat, so I’ve been posting them up.

oh lol…… now I feel dumb ;D

No problem :wink: I still come back here and look at them…they look good enough to eat…candied yo-yos. :smiley:

Just waiting on a production run USA hatrick. Until then…

After waiting three weeks…

Man that looks good, I’m jealous

Thanks man. I love it!

Who plans on getting an amplitude?

<----this guy


Here’s my majesty

Thats a nice one!

It is available and I’m open to offers!!

Take a look at the new General Yo “Amplitude”.

I had the opportunity to drop in on my friend Ernie Saturday afternoon and he was kind enough to send me on my way with the newest of his creations…The Amplitude.

This is a slightly smaller YoYo than he has been creating recently, but it’s certainly not an undersized YoYo. I believe it measures out to 54mm diameter, and approx. 42mm wide.
I’m guessing on the weight, but I’ll say it’s approx. 66g. Ernie has not published the specs as of yet so I’m on my own guessing its weight. The ano he decided on is gorgeous IMO. It’s a bit different colorway from Ernie, but I really find it to be quite striking.

I have zero doubt that it will be as warmly received as the rest of his YoYo’s. It’s brand new to me so I’m still getting acquainted with it. I’m always very happy throwing a General Yo, and I have not put this one down since I picked it up… My Thanks to Ernie.

They should be available here at YYE shortly so you can all have one of your own.

*Crosses fingers people won’t see the Gold Center Trac and start arguing again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks amazing! Nice ;D

Looove this yoyo.

lookin good :wink:

Easily my favorite General Yo colorway and a really good player, glad I got to own it for a while

I’m thankful to have it! I feel like I’m driving an F1 car when playing this 8)

Added a new one today: