Show off your General-Yo YoYos! without Proto by mrciurleo, on Flickr

Here is my current collection only missing my prototype USA hatrick.

Couple new ones to add to the collection.

Wow you must be a pretty BA guy to have all those BA editions! Sweet collection man!

Beautiful collection!

Here’s the current collection. Top picture in order:
NM Half Essence/Half Torrent 2, Beat Unengraved KLR, MIB Prestige, B-Grade Torrent 2
Mint USA Hatrick, Mint Prototype USA Hatrick, Mint USA Hatrick
Beat Bada$$ Hatrick, NM Ministar, Mint as they come Second Run Hatrick

That’s all for now folks!

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Here’s my current collection (this has taken me almost 2 years now, and as a kid with no job, I’m pretty proud of this):

From top left to right:

First Row: Clear coat M10 Production Run, 65.5 gram prototype Prestige, pre pro Majesty 2nd run.

Second Row: Amplitude b-grade engraving tester (notice no amplitude lines) half James Reed splash half Ty Goldman violet, b-grade Aman M10.

Third Row: Lost Essence (first General-Yo), 1 of 1 custom ano’d Entheos, and finally, a b-grade KLR, no silver squiggly lines on the black, as usual for a half black half green KLR. This is rare; b-graded for shallow response on the black side.

Expect more in the future!

I’m so jealous right now.

It’s wild to me that this thread hasn’t seen the light of day since 2014. Since I’ve gotten back into throwing, I haven’t seen as much General Yo love as I used to on the forums. Let’s bring this back! Here’s mine:


Got the new Royal 1 today! Gives new meaning to the term glass smooth.

Half Torrent Blue, half clear.

Seems to me like an updated KLR, with a few minor adjustments. I think they weigh about the same but the Royal 1does play a touch heavier IMO. If you’re a fan of the KLR tho, you’ll def wanna cop one of these when they drop. Here’s a few comparison pics:



Where do they do their machining?

I’ve just got my Magnum left. But that’sa really solid throw. I sometimes miss my first run five star but only sometimes. I love Ernie and his wife and dogs, they’ve been really good friends over the years. Nice company, great guy, fantastic machinist. I only know one other guy like him and he likes my beer.