Whats the Star of Your Collection

Mine is my SvZB BvM. Whats yours!?!? ;D ;D ;D

I have 2 “stars” in my collection.
General-Yo Hatrick Production 1 of 70
General-Yo MiniStar Black/Black Bad*** 1 of 9

Wooly Marmot.

Camo edition X-convict (1 of around 25 I think)

undeniable genesis 1 out of 100 i think
my camo dyed pgm 1 out of 1 as far as i know

undiniable genesis 1 of 100
brown dingo 1 of 20
last run of m1’s 1 of about 80 something
batch 3001 gray protostar
1st run boss
bbyy bully
yyn blue axiom

2010 G5


GM2 - 1/???
888x - 1/999999999999999999999999999
Peak - 1/999999999999999999999999999

WoolyMarmot-1/100 (For its colorway)

SPYY - Pro
ILYY - Fury

2010 Severe!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D O0 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) >:D

1 run DTI BASSBoost - 1 of 25

I’d say my B!st Buttermouse rush.

Red/ Grey Nats hatrick 1/1
Half USA Unengraved Hatrick 1/3?

my prized possession is my crucial tres leche and my big collectors item is a vintage duncan magic motion pac man yoyo in the package mint

My black engraved Narwhal. CLYW

My Og project or my Hatrick

Sebby Peak

My Black B+ Grade Ministar-When I get it in the mail. :wink: