Who has the same yoyo as me?

Hey guys, I think it would be cool to see who has the same yoyos. Just post some of your yoyos and if another person has it they can respond.

5Star Usa edition?

Hatrick Black/Silver?

Red ProtoStar?

-Jin Kazuaki (G-Yo)

i have a protostar

I also have a red protostar.

i have a red protostar.

anybody has a first run blue YYF genesis?
a second run yoga flame YYF genesis?
and one of the first silver G5? the one with swirl
oh, and an Inca

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, punchline, hatrick blue red, Dv888, DM, speeder, Aquarius, raider, fireball, and i guess speedmaker.

It have a Dv888

i can’t afford good metal i but rock my Legacy

I have a yomega dash

Here’s what I have:
black yomega x-brain lol
clear yellow yomega raider
green yoyojam sunset trajectory nxg
aqua yoyojam journey
red yoyofactory protostar
ILYY void ;D

I do have a Red protostar!
I also have a Purple Dv888,
A Green Plastic Grind Machine,
A Sparkley Yellow FHZ,
A Red and Grey Hayabusa,
As well as a Clear/Blue Raider and a Green Fireball!

I have a ProtoStar to.

Splash Hectic anyone?

I also have a Protostar (mine is green). I have a sparkly yellow FHZ.

Same here.

so much protostar.

i have a yellow speed maker.

such an awesome thread -_-

I have a red Protostar. Anyone have a Purple Aqua Acid Genesis? ???

I have the USA 5Star, and if I wanted to switch my halves back, I have the black/silver Hatrick.

Yellow/Silver Hatrick? Mini-Star?

My main throws

Element X
Dark Magic

anyone got these?

right on, i have a Legacy too (orange, black), was my throw of choice till i got my
yyf MVP (green), i also have
FHZ (blue)