One yo yo you can not get enough of.

Personally one Yo Yo I am addicted to is the CLYW Peak. I just wish I had more. Only have 2.

2 is plenty and I can’t put down my yuuksta

My Mayhem and FHZ’s…THROW DUNCAN! ;D

I wish I could have a VOID in avery color of the color spectrum. ;D

Thats a hard choice. Its a good toss up between three. 5Star, Hatrick or a Wooly Marmot.

Mah Freehand Mikey

WORD!!! ;D

Rec Rev No.9 at the second!

YYF Genesis, and ProtoStar. Hope to get my Yuuksta today!!!

My TFL’s(I have 3 and need MORE!) My 4XL and velocity :slight_smile:

I keep on throwing my DM and Mini Mo-Tu. I don’t know why.

ProtoStar, though I anxiously await the moment I can order a NorthStar because I accidentally destroyed my ProtoStar :frowning: I literally ALMOST cried, then I got mad and threw the remains violently at the wall :o

Please tell me you didn’t throw away the metal rings away?!?!

What happened to your Protostar?

Minus Mike, yes that is what I originally messed up on my behalf… Ok so here’s the story, I was just playing around one day and one of the caps of my ProtoStar just like shot off, it was pretty weird and clean. I tried to pop it back on but to no avail, so I decided I was gonna just pop off the opposite one to make it match… YEAH RIGHT the other cap was like welded on, it was ridiculous all it kept doing was crumbling and chewing up, then I took a break because I got upset after I had this garbled up ProtoStar half. When I came back to work on it again I noticed that the screwdriver I was using had grooved the weight ring and removed a LOT of anno. So I started thinking of alternative ways to remove the caps, I couldn’t come up with anything and so I took my demolished ProtoStar and put it back together and whipped it at my front porch stoop and broke off a piece of the rim and then I stabbed the remaining cap until I could salvage the axle and nuts, then I threw it away, installed the CT bearing in my Dv888 and the rest is history, but seriously I need to get my hands on a NorthStar or another ProtoStar, meh $flow sucks at the moment lol

P.S. Sorry if it is a bit incoherent but I was being bothered at the time of writing this lol (kids >.>)

protostars don’t have caps ???

I can’t get enough of my Peterfish Luminators right now. Who knew a $4 yo-yo could play so well?

Probly a genesis or peak…

I bought a limelight at Wal-Mart and it looped well, untill I found out that the wooden axle chews up strings like crazy. Although it does light up better than (pretty much) all other yoyos. (limelight= Pulse with wooden axle) And sense they put all of their yoyos in one generic “yoyo” shelf, I got it for only three dollars.

protostars do have caps, jut like counter attacks… ??? :o