What’s your dream collection? We all like to dream we have mega yoyo collections. You can include yoyos you own now. Haven’t seen one of these topics lately so I figured I would start it.

My Dream Collection W/ YoYos I Own Now

General Yo Torrent (1st Run)
General Yo 5 Star (1st Run)
General Yo 5 Star (Second Run, USA Edition)
General Yo 5 Star (Second Run, Welcome Back Pete Edition)
General Yo Hatrick (First Run, Production)
General Yo Hatrick (First Run, BA Edition)
General Yo Hatrick (Second Run, Production)
General Yo Hatrick (Second Run, USA Edition)
General Yo Hatrick (Second Run, BA Edition)
General Yo Mini Star (Production)
General Yo Mini Star (Purple Heart Edition)
General Yo Mini Star (Black BA Edition)
General Yo Mini Star (Red BA Edition)
General Yo Mini Star (Raw Red/Polished)
General Yo Mini Star (Newheart Edition)
General Yo Mini Star (Plus Grade)
General Yo Magnum
General Yo Essence (Pre-Production)
General Yo Essence (Production, Blue)
General Yo Essence (Production, Black)
General Yo Essence (Production, Black Blue)
General Yo Essence (Production, Glue Grey)
General Yo Essence (BA Edition)
General Yo Essence (Plus Grade)
General Yo Torrent II (Production)
General Yo Torrent II (YYE Edition)
General Yo Torrent II (BA Edition)
General Yo Torrent II (Plus Grade)
General Yo Torrent II (Plus Grade)

What’s yours?

all yoyos in the world

^ Ditto, that includes every style of yoyos too, 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A

hmm… so hey SR, do you like General Yo?

And I actually made a list a couple months ago of everything I wanted. came out to around 60-70ish yoyos. lost said list since then though :confused:

Mighty Flea

and every Yoyofactory , and Yoyojam yoyo.

One model of each SPYY yoyo. In the VsNYYC “works” colorway. That is my one and only dream

I’m pretty content with what I have right now. I’d like to get rid of a few things, and I’d certainly like to fill up the space they leave with some new additions, but at the end of the day, I’m doing pretty well.

You guys should list the actual yoyos you want. :wink:

I’m happy with my current collection, and since I just had to buy books I’m not looking to get any new throws soon anyway. :frowning:
But…in a life where either all yo-yos were free or money was no object…

SPYY Train Wreck, Sky Chaser, Ronin, Stryker, Flying V, variations of the Radian, Solaris…
One Drop M1, Code1, Markmont
Duncan Echo, Exit 8
String Theory Singularity and Quark
Aoda Littles, Sunshine, Follow Wind, Rainbow…and the Cherry one…
Werrd Paquiao
Shinwoo Griffin Wing
Yoyorecreation Stargazer
Cariou Lodge Gnarwhal
YYJ Mini motu, Micromo
Dif-e-yo Zzzip-fly
Crucial Confection
some better loopers and a good plastic

That’s what I can think of right now (yes there’s probably more…)…there are too many yo-yos in a way haha.

But you know what there’s no way I would be able to pay with them all, and I’m sure some of them I might not end up liking as much once I got them, though so far I’ve been happy with all my throws.
Yup I’m content with my current arsenal. :slight_smile:

My current collection:
Chico Route 66
Duncan Throwmonkey, Drifter, Raptor, Flying Panda, and of course Butterfly, Imperial, Pulses, etc.
YYJ Hitman
YYF Grind Machine and wooden Japan yo-yo
One Drop Project and Dingo
SPYY Addict and Radian Gen 2
Caribou Lodge Campfire
Dreamyo Pixie
RecRev No. 9
Wooden Apollo yo-yo

As of right now I have Duncan butterfly, and dragonfly,
Yyj dm
Yyf speed dial, pgm, popstar, severe,supernova, 888, and protostar

And as of right now I know I want
2 loopers (900’s or unleaded or sunset), a yyj equinox, yyf g5, genesis, superstar, prolly 2 more protostars, a clyw, and beyond that I havnt decided

clyw peak (1st run mountains)
clyw WMM
clyw bassalope (small bearing & large bearing)
SPYY punchline (pre-production run)
SPYY Addiction v.2 (brown/black)
SPYY flying V
SPYY PURE (gold one!)
YYF catalyst
YYF super g
YYF boss (all black)
YYF genesis (jon rob one)
YYF skyline (sterling quinn)
YYF 07’ 888 (celtic or dragon)
YYF Supernova, supernova lite, supernova undersized (idk when it comes out but I want it!)
YYF Catch-22
YYJ Phenom & phenomizm
YYJ fiesta Xx
YYJ bigyo 2
YYR hell, I’ll take one of each!
Gen yo essence
Gen yo hatrick
Gen yo torrent 2
Gen yo 5 star
Weerd Pacqiauo
hspin cut
hspin pyro 1,2,3
crucial milk
crucial tres leche
crucial confection
crucial delicious
ILYY lynx
ILYY sakura
OD project
OD project 2
OD 54
OD dietz
VsNYYC skywalker
VsNYYC ti-walker
VsNYYC secret agent decoder ring
VsNYYC Flying Hut
VsNYYC septopus
VsNYYC battosai
xcube stampede
xcube uhhhh…whatever their first throw was LOL, u know the other wide one.
Rec Rev. electric daisy
Rec Rev. paper mache
ST quark
ST remnant 2
Lol i could go on, getting tired of typing. All of that, and the mobile display case that yoyofactory Ben has on his facebook.

YoYoFactory Frantic, Catch 22, C13 , G.5 , GM2
OneDrop Code 1, P2
YYR Slepnir
I have peculiar tastes I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, I would like:

07 888
No Jive
Some 900’s
Pair of Stargazers
Espionage 401k
Orange Peel 54

That would do it.

I really just want a OG Peak

i only want the special edition dark magic 1 with the black aluminum rings and the yoyo expert mirror caps. just this one yoyo would make my dream collection. but they only made 200 so i haven’t found one yet… :frowning:

3 of every Yoyojam yoyo in existence and more to come.

All of them ;D