Show off your CLYW yoyos.

First Run :slight_smile:

My DblDie Set up - Found 2 perfect d20’s that match each half of my Avalanche :smiley:

Pretty slick, dude :slight_smile:

What it lacks in size is made up for by my awesome photography skills. Okay not really.

Avalanche of the Hulk Smash variety. That’s all folks.


Oooo! 8) And really, that’s all you need – an Avalanche.

Hulk Smash Avalanche… You don’t see that on the BST everyday.

In the Mail :
Wooly Markmont

Getting soon :

Hopefully somewhere within the next three months :
OG Peak…

Have currently

BvM Purple and Blue Splash
Chief 1st Run (Kind of Pre-pro) Blue Pearl
Canvas Red Dingkface 1 Of 12
Wooly Marmot 1st Run Awesome Colorway
CLYW Wooden Yo-yo from VYYC Contest
Avalanche 28s

I’ll post a full collection of All my throws, Non CLYW.


Campfire just came to my house!
Woot woot!

Avalanche, CB Peak, The Works Peak, Lucky Canvas

The customs

Only got this blue Gruntbull Peak. It’s a beaut =D
Ogopogo BvM

…new Chief’s

Gonna be putting up lots of pics in a few ;D

I dont have alot of CLYW just alot of pictures lol

In Order, Gold Nugget Avalanche, Alex Bearing-Gull Peak, Long-John Hurdler Canvas

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Minty Minty Chief

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Group Shot and Stuff

Lastly Spinning Shots of Canvas

Recent pictures…

I have a musket chief!!!