Show off your bruised, beaten, and scarred yoyos!!!!!!!!!!

Title says it all, show em’ off! If you want you can share a story as to how they got they way they look.

It hurts to see that. Right in the heart.

Haha, why? Yoyos are meant to be thrown.

Just how come it hit the ground so many times. My throws don’t hit the ground. I’ll get a pic of my Grey Fox soon.

5A, and I got that in a trade, and it was already beaten up alot, i just wish i could have beaten it up myself… hence “love marks”

yoyos are ment to be thrown with the string attach

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Yeah, love marks are kind of yay but I would rather have a perfect, not even slightly dinged yoyo.

I have to post a picture of my DM. It’s pretty bad…

I laughed when I saw that! ;D

That poor… uhhh… looks like a… Splash… it’s not a Hectic… Poor Splash (Insert yoyo name here)!


You should not be afraid to beat up your yoyos unless you plan on making a profit off of them… Which is why I did this:

That’s only one picture, and the damage was pretty terrible all over the rims. That HG material could take a good beating, and my K-os still stayed smooth. I took it to my driveway (or parking lot if you want to be more specific) and starting from walking the dog to chucking it at the ground and then some.
This was before I started going nuts with it. By the end both of the rims were pretty much almost raw and I finally learned what burnt ano smelled like.

You gotta love having fun with your stuff :smiley:

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That made me feel weird and got me thinking. I guess I shouldn’t be so worried about dinging my yoyos :-\


Why bump this?

It’s not in the B/S/T/ section. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still very interested to see other peoples yoyos.

if you think your Kos is bad
when I was messing around I did around the world and it ripped off my string going high over a 3 story building and landing on the hard floor not the grass or anything
still smooth and mint
but had to sell it cause I needed money
then I ended up trading it