Shoutout to Mannix


On May 18th, I met Mannix at the General-Yo meet. I was bummed as I forgot to bring my case for trading and Mannix seemed interested in my Code 2. He first offered a SUV, which I was about to accept, except he had traded it away later when I inquired about it. He had seen my thread on my 1 yoyo a year thing, and he gave me sage advice on how to handle it:


I just read your thread about your Mom. I didn’t really understand the situation before and I also didn’t realize you were only 13 (same age as my youngest son Zac.)

Look, here is my take. The moderators are right, maintaining your trust and relationship with your Mom is the most important thing. To lose that, over anything much less a toy, would be a very poor bargain.

Also, for what it is worth, I am a university professor and I think that skill toys like yoyos build concentration, focus, right hemisphere specialization (which will benefit you in math), and also is a good stress relief. I encourage my sons to play and it also is a great icebreaker whether you interacting with little kids or seniors. You might try bringing your yoyo around and using it to connect and serve others so that your Mom can see it as a useful skill (much like playing an instrument.)

Last, after hearing about your situation I am inclined to advise you to keep your code 2. If you are going to BAC this weekend, you will likely be able to trade it for something good, and you won’t use up one of your precious yearly trades.
Hang in there, and if you do care about God, consider this a trial regarding honoring your parents.

I believe this was pretty much the best advice I had gotten! To make it better, he had offered his PrePro Essence for my Code 2. He later found out how much it was worth and well, he could have gotten more for it. But, being the man he was, he said it would’ve been wrong for him to have backed out, being the one who originally offered. We went through and I just received my Essence.

Great guy, Mannix, god bless you!

(Owen) #2

Awesome Mannix!

<3 all you older guys in the yoyo community