Should YYE post the number of each yoyo they get?


Just a random thought I had whilst ogling the new Puffin 2s.
I personally would like to know because I do like to know which is “more rare.”



I don’t think it matters much since they have the little counter that shows how many are left of each.


I just get the color I want because I use and abuse my throws. Get the one YOU like.


It’s best to show how many are left in stock so as to instill a sense of urgency into the customer. i.e. there are only three left, I better buy it now instead of waiting until tomorrow since they may be gone.


So true, but I have also used it to stall buying too. If I know there are ten or more of an item that is not moving too fast, I know I have more time, and I can use the money for something else I want instead. Knowing how many are in stock has allowed me to put purchases off another week, or even a month or two. It works both ways…and I love it. :slight_smile:


Very true unless it’s only showing 1 left :stuck_out_tongue:


No matter what your color choice I bet these Puffin 2 will go fast.




I didn’t understand you very well either, sorry man. I’d agree, make it a little more understandable.

To the original post, yes, how many they are getting before they release them would be nice to know.


I’m not sure how knowing what number of a yoyo, yoyoexpert gets, would tell you how rare it is.


The idea is that if in this release of puffin 2’s there are only 5 Pali editions distributed by clyw to their retailers and 100 of the solid pink, then the pali editions would then obviously be harder to find. Therefore, before the release if you know there are only going to be 5 of said “rare” yoyo, one argument is it will increase the likelihood of collectors seeking that item sooner. Eg…mystery boxes, one could argue they would sell more or less if they didn’t let people know only 45 or whatever were given out at a time.

This only works before the release of a popular yoyo because obviously as stated before the number that is in stock is listed when the color way is selected. I’m sure if you were dead curious you could email clyw and ask them how much of each they made.

Sure hope this helps answer your questions.


All that tells me is how many end up here. You realize, this is one of many retailers correct?


Ya, that is why I said “if in the release to their retailers”. I’m guessing yoyoexpert is probably the biggest retailer US, at least online, then it would probably be safe to assume they got exactly what everyone else got if not more. I could be wrong obviously but I would put my money on it. I don’t know about Japanese retailers though or other countries retailers. That’s why I also said at the end if you were that curious and didn’t want to go on assumptions I’m sure you could email clyw.

You are right though, they could distribute color ways differently to different retailers. It would make sense I guess, but I just don’t think that’s the case. But then again, what do I know lol.


The number available is on the description page. That’s the more useful number rather than the number they received.


When the Puffin 2 came available last night the quantity for each colourway was listed. I counted a total of 61 available and this morning there were 8 Bacon left. How much more information do you want? I also noted that the 53 sold were gone in about 20 minutes. This tells me that color does not matter much. If you really want a model yoyo get in line early.


I think Trevor probably wanted an easy resource to determine how many of a particular yoyo are distributed through stores, YYE in particular, just as a general way of determining how many may likely be on the forum in case he may be wanting one at a later date.

It would be a better way of determining the approximate location where most of ______ yoyo were sent.

Although, it could be easier to just ask the manufacturer how many were sent to whatever stores. Maybe it could be something they offer as insight into their own operation?

*everything stated here is meant in general.