Every other store across the sea has released puffins, wheres yoyoexperts?

(Jerrod) #2



Please wait tell Friday!!! I need my money first :slight_smile:


I think they want to really build up the anticipation.

These ones are going to sell out quickly.


There getting released tomorrow at 10 eastern time. Just my luck :frowning:


I am waiting for 28 stories edition to come out first before I buy one. I might be waiting a while.


Coming in late. Odd how YYE is late to the game on this one. I wouldn’t worry, there’s probably a very good reason. I think maybe they were waiting for sufficient numbers to satisfy the online buying orgy, coupled with maybe a special colorway or something like that.

Either way, I can’t wait. I really like CLYW’s stuff, so I am looking forward to owning one of these.