Should I wait for the Avalanche restock in late Dec,or get orange zest code1 now


Unsure, so you guys get to decide. ;D


It doesn’t matter what I think.

I don’t like the orange zest Code1 color, but I do like the Code 1 and have a Relic one. I might get another one in a different color, but not the orange zest color.

I have a Matterhorn Avalanche, and I like this one a lot as well. I like the 28 Stories colorway as well, but I have a Wooly Marmot and a Campfire in that.

The only downside of the Avalanche restock is that regardless of the color, the CLYW products are very popular. If you’re going to go that route, you better prepare yourself to buy them the moment they come out. CLYW has a reputation of their stuff selling out in MINUTES.

Just keep in mind this is not a like for like comparison. The shapes and performance of these are very different. Your personal preferences are going to play a big factor. Regardless, either way, you’d be looking at getting a fantastic yoyo. As I said, I have both and I really like both.


orange zest is better than flat blue, at least in my opinion. It’s also rare 1/20


I was going to get the blue Code 1. The “rare” or “limited” or “1 of 20” means little to me. If I buy it, I’m gonna throw it. The only reason I have a Relic Code 1 is because I got one heck of a great deal via BST so I figured might as well.