Should I sell my triad and izm and then

buy a 3yo3 al5?
Those 2 yoyos of mine have ioris and mickeys signature on them respectively, but play wise im lol not too impressed by either.
Its just a matter of time id get rid of the izm since i just bought a phenom, but perhaps a better deal could be possible w both 2 lol idk
lol derp

the triads resell value is higher than that of the AL5 so I wouldn’t sell both for one

I’ve seen mint AL5’s go for as low as $50

My main concern here is performance. As youv said the al5 does not have much resale value so if im gonna get it, i want it to be a keeper, not a collectors item.

3yo3’s have always been very underrated yoyos

So far I’ve heard mostly good things about the AL5

There’s so many throws available and it just comes down to preferences