should i satin BEFORE or AFTER i dye my kickside

what the title says
but also i was wondering because the kickside is celecon and acitone(what ev…) doesnt affect it i have to use bioling water right?
but that also leads me to another question
i know that glue will work when you want to leave some of the yoyo un dyed but will it work in boiling water? if not i have heard of liquid masking has any one tried that ?
is it affective?
any other methods?

I’d do it after, but I’m no expert on this field.


Because if you dye, and then satin, it will take off the dye, making it the original color.

Glue will work in Boiling water, you can use Hot Glue, or Elmers. Make sure it is all dry before you dye. IMO it works the best.

I’m no expert on modding, but dyeing only changes the color of the surface.

Try Silicone… most is water proof… I dont know about boiling water but its worth a shot

Hot glue and elmers glue will work fine up to more than water can handle so your will be just fine.