Dye questions.

Has anyone here practiced dyeing techniques on anything other than the yoyo they want to dye? I’m looking for suggestions on cheap things I can practice and learn on that would be the same plastic as the non-celcon yoyos. When it comes to actually dyeing my yoyo, I want to be pretty certain of the results rather than trying something and hoping for the best. It would really be helpful if whatever plastic item is suggested is something you’ve actually practiced on which yielded pretty much the same results on the yoyo.

Another question, if I keep the dye/acetone mix in a fruit jar with a lid, how long can I keep it that way and still be able to rely on it? Can it be used multiple times over the course of several weeks or months?

Water bottles

a water bottle would melt from the acetone

You can also dissolve a polycarbonate yo-yo such as the FHZ. The trick is using just the right concentration of acetone and the least amount of time to achieve the desired color.

Yeah! What he said! Silly staten island man!

So no one here has practiced on something else before dyeing their yoyo? I guess that explains a lot about many of the dye-jobs I’ve seen here.

How about the question regarding the dye/acetone mix? Can it be reused over the course of days, weeks or months if kept in a sealed container?

I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t be able to reuse the dye bath.