Dye Question

Would I be able to do dye a black Kickside half white?

No, it wouldn’t work. You can dye a lighter yoyo darker but you can’t go from darker to lighter.

You might be able to bleach it with some acetone or something, but it wouldn’t work very well. (If anybody has done this, let us know the results. :wink: )

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I wouldn’t try acetone as a bleaching agent. It melts plastic quite easily. Some people use a small amount of acetone in their dye mix to set the dye into the plastic (by dissolving a thin layer of the surface).

Soaking the part in plain old bleach might work, but chances are it will just turn it an ugly gray-black.

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Sorry, that came out wrong. I meant you could probably put some bleach in a glass jar or something, then put a little bit of acetone in it to help it dye. Thanks for pointing out my mishap.

There’s no magic elixer out there that is going to dye or bleach a black Kickside half white. Don’t try it, you’ll ruin it.

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So since you have to go lighter to darker, would I be able to dye an orange one black? Would it work with the celcon?

Yes, you can go from orange to black.

Celcon is a bit hard to dye but some people report good results using a very hot water mix. As in almost boiling. Be careful.

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Thanks for all the help everybody. Question answered. Thread locked. :slight_smile: