So I dyed my cabal today

I think it’s ok for my first time dying a yoyo

I’d say… it looks pretty sweet!! Well done!! :wink:

Still play the same as before the dye job?

Plays the same

That looks terrific! Very nicely done!

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That looks pretty nice!

Sweet! Good work :sunglasses:

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Looks great!

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That’s much better than 'ok’:+1:

If you wouldn’t have even mentioned it was your first dye job; I don’t think anybody would have thought it was.

Good work!


Very nice, I can’t wait to see what people with dying experience can do! (j/k, for your first dye job this is incredible!)

That is fantastic. Like yoyodoc said, I never would have guessed it was your first dye job.

That looks amazing. My Cabal is half black and half white. I want to dye the white half. How did you do it?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Here’s some info:,89125.0.html

I splattered it with hot glue. Use iDye poly, mix dye and water in a pan and heat it tell you see steam coming off. I removed the bearing but left the axle with an old string and bobbed the yoyo in the dye tell the color I wanted was achieved (about 3 minutes for mine).wash with cold water, peel the glue off and your done.

Fantastic! Thanks.

This is exactly what I was wondering about! :slight_smile: the splash look

That’s pretty cool.

EDIT: It comes out tomorrow, my mistake!

Pics of it spinning?

omg! It is so beautiful!!! Really nice job on this one :slight_smile:

It would pretty much look like a red yoyo, maybe a little faded.

I know, but still…
It’s a Cabal. :smiley: