should i get the legacy?

all right i have been yoing for a about 3 months now and i want to go into unresponsive play. i am thinking about buying a legacy. should i? if not what should i buy?

depends on your prefrences.

If you like it I would go for it because it sounds like you haven’t got any real preference since you started three months ago… It’s a good yoyo from what I hear and will take you far.

I love my legacy it is a 1a and 5a beast

It is a good gateway yoyo or so I hear. I bought the DM 1 for my first unresponsive yoyo and after 3 hours of frustration of feeling like a complete novie I finally got it back to my hand. If it were me I’d go for either a Dark Magic or a Hitman. You can get those used for about the same price as a new legacy

that is true but i am wondering if anyone has a better idea for a first unresponsive yo other than dark magic legacy etc. ???

Well if you have a yoyo with orings you can silicone it which is nice because you don’t have to buy another yoyo. But if you want to buy a new yoyo or don’t have a yoyo with orings there isn’t really any better yoyo to learn unresponsive play on just find a unresponsive yoyo you like and practice binding till you get it.

A velocity would work, and if you ever get frustrated you can just switch to responsive play. I’ve heard they’re great yoyos, but I’ve never tried one.

Kickside and clean the bearing, or just get a legacy, there pretty good as a first unresponsive.

yes man!

I think you shouldget it!.. I love mine and still continue loving it…

Even if you drop it… Its fine!.. Its made of celcon plastic which is tough and good for grinds!a

And the mirror caps shines while youre doing combos… I even learned horizontal tricks with my legacy!

And another thing… Its cheap!!!.. So its cool to get it!

Andre really did a good job with this yoyo!

My only problem with this yoyo is the vibe… But it doesnt affect play!.. Sometimes vibe is good cause it indicates if the yoyo is going to stop spinning…

well i just ordered it thanks for the opinions everyone wat marlonmillamina posted really sealed the deal thanks guys! ;D

Well, a few comments after the fact…
I find the legacy to be on the heavier side. More so than I like.

Most any yoyo can be made unresponsive, A clean, lightly lubed bearing will do the trick.


All that said, it’s a decent player. Enjoy the heck out of it. :wink: