Should I get the heist


I don’t know if i should get the heist or not.


Yes. Or no. Choose.



I got one, so i’d have to say yes.


Ok :slight_smile: sorry if u think this is clickbait.


I actually want one a lot, but I don’t have much cash :frowning: I have had bad experiences with the mighty flea(It feels like its spinning fast, then I fail a bind like a noob >:(), but I love small yoyos, so this will be on my birthday list for sure.


I also have barley any money lol


I’m going to try one this weekend at our club meet. I’m interested to see how it compares to the 66%. That little thing is fun. So hopefully the heist will be too.


Don’t give up on the Flea!

If you’re short on cash, try the new Popstar. It’s almost as small, is a lot of fun, and is only $20.


Ok thanks!


I received my Heist yesterday! It’s an awesome yoyo. Spin times are good and the yoyo is fairly stable. I’m an intermediate player and can pull off my tricks no problem. The heist is super fun and a lot more capable than what i can throw at it. I haven’t been able to put it down and will be my day to day carry now. Money wise to me it’s worth it if you already have a full sized yoyo in this price range. If not I would put my money there first.