Mighty Flea vs. Heist

Ok so I’m considering getting either a Mighty Flea or a Heist. I don’t know if I want to spend my money on something like that, or maybe a Horizon.

So my main throws are an Edge and an Atlas. I’m considering getting a Horizon so I can take it places with me and leave Edge at home.

But a Heist maybe pretty cool for that too. How well do they play?

Or should I just forget all that, continue to take my Sage with me when I leave home, and get a Mighty Flea just for fun?

I have a 50 Amazon gift card and I could get any of the three from there (with a little more for Flea and Heist) so I’m trying to figure out what to do. Any thoughts?

Well the flea needs special string which will end up costing u more than $65. I don’t own the flea or the heist so I can’t tell u how they play but I can tell you the horizon is one of the best Yoyos I have very owned. It’s Extrmely stable and spins forever. It also fun for grinds and stuff
Like that would definitely recommend it

The flea is hard to use, probably a lot harder than the heist. I have a pop star which is around the same size, and I use it as my out of house throw, so I might go with a heist. The mighty flea will be mighty hard to use when you are performing in front of others.

Tis a bit different from a mighty flea…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok… Here are a few differences between the Heist and the Flea…>>

The Flea is a tiny yoyo that plays amazingly well for a ‘tiny yoyo’. < It is truly a challenge; but you can play it.

The Heist on the other hand is a Small yoyo that can play like a larger yoyo. The Heist is seriously not any sort of Novelty yoyo.

The Mighty Flea provides challenging but fun performance.

The Heist provides larger yoyo performance is a smaller yoyo size.

The Mighty Flea is under appreciated because most folks dont have the patience to take the challenge and learn tricks on the tiny yoyo.

The Heist is under appreciated because not enough people have actually purchased one and experienced just how well it plays.

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I’d say heist, because it plays a lot better and u don’t have to buy weird string and pads

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