Mighty flea or horizon

I dont know whitch to buy so i came for advice

Horizon!!! The mighty flea is sold out of every yoyo shop I know;)

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Horizon hands down! The flea is great but the horizon is more practical :wink:

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The horizon is also a great yoyo in general. I’m just glad a shutter is no one of your choices;):wink:

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I think it depends on what your looking for, and what you already have. If you already have a bunch of decent playing budget metals, then the Flea might be a refreshing, challenging, and super fun alternative. If you need a first time, great performing metal in your collection, then definitely go for the Horizon first.

Actually for just a bit over the proice of the Flea, you could get the Horizon, and the new Popstar. :wink:

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Definitely the Horizon. I have never tried one but own a Big Deal (Mighty Flea with hubstacks) and it is a gimmick. It plays pretty terribly. Unless you want it as a collector and don’t care about ever using it, save your money and buy a better yoyo.

Any chance you’d want to sell that Big Deal? I’ve been looking for one. :slight_smile:

Darnit, you beat me to it! Unless, Lex saw my sig before he saw your post. If he even wants to sell it…