Should I get my peak nickeled?

(Shaneola) #1

In anyone’s opinion,…would that be sweet? I would resell or trade it so is that something people would be interested in? It’s currently all black.


Of course, I am not interested in a peak one bit but that would look cool. Also Do YOU want to nickel plate your peak?


Yeah if you want to go for it, nickeled yoyos always look cool.


Is this the same Peak with the black paintjob that you made a thread about stripping and re-anoing?

(Shaneola) #5

Yes, but anoing turned out to be too expensive and I’m getting it nickeled as part of a trade.

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And no, it would be done by BGskills. He’s on the nation, I don’t know if he’s on this forum or not.


I think he meant is that something that you would like done to the Peak? As in, all of our opinions aside, is it an idea or look that you personally like?


My two cents:

I had a nickel 54 for a while. Before I got it, I thought that nickel was the end all be all of finishes, but after I got it I realized that I like anno better. I felt that nickel doesn’t grind as well as other finishes. But, if grinding is not your thing, that it really does have a sweet look to it.

So, better looks (preference) vs. some lost playability (preference) is the trade off, I feel.

(Shaneola) #9

Oh now I get it. The reason I asked on the forum is because I’ll be posting it on my bst so I was seeing if that was something other people would want to trade for or buy. And I think I am going to have it done.


I can tell you it will definitely be more widely appealing than that black paint, so if your intent on selling it, I say go for it.


if you think it would look nice. I think it would


Are you sending it to BGSkills? His work looks really nice with the blasting underneath the nickel.

(Shaneola) #13

Yeah it really does, but I unfortunately did not realize he was from the UK and I do not ship overseas…so dang.


You might want to consider this because if it’s blasted, nickel plated and can grind, chances are good you’ll get your money out of it on BST. I might try to buy it.