Anyone here paint yoyos? Yes, paint. Not anno.

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I was talking with my brother who has a General Yo Essence, and I told him it would be SO cool if he got it painted exactly like the OG Levi Painted Peak. Since the Essence pretty much takes on the shape and specs of the peak, (I call it the “Essence of the Peak”) I thought it might be a cool idea. Or, if someone could actually do the same thing with an anno job, that would be cool, because I know paint chips. I would like a legitimate painter, not a kid who’s done like 3 paint jobs. Even though it’s just an idea, I would like it done accurate and to look precisely like the peak.


I would ask Mullicabob if he can powdercoat a design like that.


I wouldn’t do that, mostly out of respect to the Peak. But hey, that’s just me. Pay no attention!

Your yoyo, do what you like.


I paint yoyos :slight_smile: just message me :slight_smile: I can show you some of my work


Levi the original person that painted the OG peaks still takes commision request

just hit him up although I must warn you it’s very expensive to have levi paint your stuff

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Rough ballpark estimate? Anyone?


paid $120 to have him paint my peak

If you’re looking to go cheaper I think ibanezcollector still paints yoyos for a cheaper price and had a fairly decent eggshell finish. I might hit him up

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WOAH. Nevermind hahahaha


Fine :frowning: don’t message me


Need a pic to make sure I’m thinking about the right one.