Why arnt throws ever painted the same way as Levi Peaks?

I was just wondering why throws arnt painted like the Peaks anymore(just the method of painting not actually artwork) because there were so many possibilities and they look so cool! Is it just because companies want to go with something more durable with anodizing or what? I just think it would be really cool if more throws were painted this way

Labor costs maybe???

I think there are a few factors that make it not worth the effort for a lot of companies to use painted finishes. There will be extra cost and time of developing a good technique, and it might be difficult to even find an artist who can/will do that for you. I don’t think it’s something that you can just take to a shop and have them do. From what I understand, Levi put in a lot of time and effort to developing a satisfactory technique to use for the Peaks. Even then, there’s a good chance that whatever you do end up with will be less suited for yoyoing than anodizing (in terms of durability, texture, etc). The options already available for coating yoyos give companies a lot of options as it is, so they probably don’t see a reason to expend resources trying to develop a paint finish that most consumers will probably end up seeing as inferior.

Its more time consuming to paint one yoyo to perfection than to anodize a run (maybe 200+) all in one batch. Also, the peak is an original thing, it would almost be like a copyright to redesign the peak on another yoyo.

I’m not talking about the design I’m talking about the technique of painting so it wouldn’t be copyright

Paint is much less durable, harder to apply, more expensive and time consuming to apply, and honestly less visually appealing and eye catching from a distance.

Best explanation possible, well done :smiley:

but it looks so flipping cool with all the designs Levi did :frowning:

Were the levi peaks powder coated??they looked pretty awesome

i don’t think so