Looking for an Airbrush Artist

Hey all,

Looking through the list of modders, I couldn’t find any airbrush painters. I know that Brett was one, I believe he is out of that market tho(?), otherwise I would be PMing him now.

Does anyone know a good Airbrush yoyo painter. I need someone who is credible, not someone who just has an airbrush set, and has messed with it, or done a throw or two.

And names would be helpful! also, if you know any prices that would be great too/pictures of work.


What’s wrong with Brett???

Last I heard he was done with painting, at least for now due to personal reasons and time, or has that changed?


O I haven’t heard that. Hmm, well never hurts to PM. :slight_smile:

Levi who pained the original peaks along with the custom 2nd runs chris sold still does airbrushing but it’ll cost you about $120(maybe more if you get really complicated)

his site was:

It would be pretty sweet to have something like a Levi painted Metal Drifter. I’d get the peaks on the walls, like the original Peak.

I just got an Airbrush. I’ll mess around. If I get good I’ll let you know. Probably not though lol.