Who are some of the big names in custom anno/painting ?


I just made a trade and now have a raw KLR on the way . I would love to get a custom finish . I talked to Aman and he said may be one day if he gets back into it . And I shot Brett Grimes a message , but I don’t think he’s gonna take the job .


lol Brett.

Here’s who you want: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,58450.0.html


Some of the best in the game do not do it as much or at all anymore. They would be Jason Wong and Justin AKA “Vendetta”

Here are two examples of their work. The Avalanche was done by Jason Wong and the 54 was done by Vendetta:


Brett quit yoyoing/painting. Like Nathan said, England1414 is your best bet, now that Jason Wong has quit taking custom Ano jobs. Plus, Vendetta, who did some epic anodization, is gone too.


I heard Brett maybe coming back.

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Aman maybe? idk haha but just spraypaint jojos maaaan, thats the way to go.


Too bad his paint was whack.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

like your trickzzzzzzzzzz?
::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :-* ;D ;D ;D

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Yup, :).
Thing is I don’t charge people for my whack tricks. While he charged what, upwards of $50-100? Pfffft.

His yoyos remind me of that King of the Hill episode where Peggy starts making sculptures and a gallery markets them as being made by a retarded person.


This is really your only choice unless you want to drop a large amount of money going with gruntbull


Were you reading? Brett has retired from public YoYoing! Meaning no videos, no sponsorship, no painting, and idk… No public stuff…

But please make it clear, do you want Anodization, or paint?


What in the world are you talking about? Read first, reply second.


yes we all know Brett has stepped out of the lime light , but I thought he’s prob still painting guitars . and it might be worth a try . And I thought I was very clear I’m looking for anno/painting meaning I’m open to both . Would like to know all my options .


apparently someone jumped to conclusions and didn’t even think to click the link


LMAO but , seriously I liked Peggy’s Pro-boots , I wish I could get one made playing with a yoyo .


Actually Brett IS painting. He’s doing one for me now. But it’s paint not Ano so it will scratch off and not have the same characteristics as an Ano job. Still, it will look cool. And that’s all I wanted for my vibey Y-Factor. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah sure looks pretty wack to me.

Thanks for letting me know never to bother with your opinion