Custom Anodization Question.


Is there anyone on who does custom Anodization? I remember hearing about some one named Vendetta or Spinvio who does it.


Vendetta only takes orders from OneDrop, General-Yo(I think), and other friends.For everyone else I believe there is a huge waiting list.

Gruntbull does amazing anodization like Vendetta, but it’s mediablasting is pretty harsh. I believe Gruntbull stopped for a while, but I saw someone on a different forum say they just got a yoyo anodized by Gruntbull, so I think they’re back in business.

If Gruntbull is not still anodizing, Anodizing World anodizes reliably.

I am almost certian does not anodize.

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i belive england 1414 does ano work.

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I try to not believe anything England1414 says.

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I have one of england1414’s custom ano-ed DV888’s and his work is quite good, but I have it straight from him that he no longer ano’s due to the time and patience required.




I dunno… You can try painting yourself… I wanna do it… get paint, get brush, paint… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s not that easy… but I need to know the kind of paint he uses…


dude he doesnt use paint. he annodizes the yoyo. its a big difference he is addding a color to a thin layer of substance thru chemical and electrical means


Sorry… I meant ibaneze


o ive heard he uses really expensive paint, sometimes an airgun. and the paint is for painting guitars. why dont u pm him or something


The best anodizing out there!


you guys are nice… >:(

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He uses Automotive Paint which is extremely expensive. He also ONLY Airbrushes his yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

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No some of them have brushed on detail. Like the one that had the grass was with brushes.