anodize yoyo spottedbanana


Hey, I was looking for someone to color my yoyo. Someone mentioned spottedbanana. Is she no longer doing custom anodizing?


Hey there I recommend Ibanezcollector.
Tell him that MultiLexos sent you


Not only does Brett NOT annodize yoyos, he’s out of the painting game.


He just did a returning video. He is back, and I am sending him a Code 2 for a splash job


Either way, it’s not anodizing, it’s painting.

I thought that was just a new vid, not new painting… Hmm…


Sooooo. Can anyone recommend someone who does custom yoyo anodize?


Gruntbull. But they’re relatively expensive.

Haven’t seen SB around in a while. Maybe PM Jason and see if she’s still taking jobs?