Should I get a DS bearing?

Most of my bearings in my yoyos are starting to fail on me so I want a new bearing. Currently on this site CTX bearings are out of stock so I was looking at other options and no luck until I stumbled up the DS bearing. It’s been two years since I’ve bought a bearing and I run a regular CT bearing most of the time and Iv’e cleaned a couple of them already and lube properly but now they’re getting gritty and make a lot of noise, and at times snags (probably because the balls inside get stuck,and don’t run as smoothly as they use to.) I’ve had a few minor issues when i first bought a CT bearing like I accidentally dropped my bearing from the couch to the floor and I guess debris got inside the CT and it gave me problems so I put a drop of YYF thin lube and didn’t work so I cleaned the bearing and lubed when needed and it hasn’t given me problems for the past two years until now. Initially I wanted to get a CTX because CT works for me and a 10 ball would be smoother. Now I look at the DS bearing and it has got my attention. Is it durable, sit well in bearing seats, sensitive to debris, quiet, smooth, spin long, and last long?

Parts is parts. You’re over thinking this.

For durability Dif wins hands down.

^yes^ I don’t really care for how they play but I got to say that they do last forever. I had one in my Positron that went for about a year and a half with no cleaning.