yoyorecreation DS Bearing Review


This is an awesome bearing. The end.
That was practically my entire thought process when I slapped this bearing in, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about.

This is a “concave” bearing meaning it’s not convex. :o Whoa.
This is supposed to keep the string of the wall of the yoyo, which in turn is supposed to keep the yoyo spinning longer, cuz obviously, there’s less friction.
Onto the name: The “DS” stands for double straight, which is the shape of the convex area of the bearing.
It looks like a like a Konkave bearing shape at first, but if you look closer you’ll notice a very shallow “V” shape going around the center of the bearing. This the same concept as a grooved bearing except somewhat less stupid. This shallow “V” shape, the Double Straight, is what constantly nudges the string back to the center without being forceful. The problem with the grooved bearings is that they’re too forceful, which bunches all the string and string wraps in the middle when layering, which can cause annoying accidental binds.
Very nice. It’s like a grooved bearing, but not as annoying as one.

Onto the sound: The sound of the bearing is very important to me, and nothing sounds better than a quality bearing. And this happens to be one of them.
It emits a soft hissing metallic whirring sound, very satisfying by the way. I noticed about 15 minute into play, it started getting a little loud, and then made these very soft almost “bubbly” sounds which went away quite quickly and haven’t come back, so I’m not sure what I think of that. No worries for now, though.

Durability: Very durable. Will last quite awhile, unlike my Center Tracks. Just needs to be cleaned every now and again.

Value: A little expensive, at 12 bucks, but it’ll last you awhile.

Overrall: Great bearing, does what it says it it’ll do, and then stays out of your way so you can yoyo.

Compared to Konkave: It’s practically like a Konkave just a little louder and more durable. My konkaves need to be cleaned almost immediately after getting them out of the package, which is annoying.

Also it was a tight squeeze on the bearing seat of my Gleipnir, it seemed to completely kill all the vibe it had, which is pretty cool.

I included a picture also, you might be able to see what I’m talking about.


I guess bearings work like lottery nowadays.


Haha yep. Most of the time you don’t win.


I just gone one recently. Really good bearing


The one that came in my triad was kind of crunchy …lol

I guess you win some you lose some


Strangely enough, same here. The DS bearing that came with my Sleipnir is much quieter and smoother.


I know, it’s always weird buying bearings, because you don’t really know what kind of QC they go through. Probably don’t even have a QC.